Gemini Sigil

Gemini Dates & Horoscopes

Also Known As: The Twins

Dates: May 21st - June 20th

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Star Sign Stones: Agate & Pearl

Personality Traits - Female

The Gemini woman is often vivacious, fun loving and outgoing, she enjoys almost any kind of activity that provides a challenge. Quick witted and intelligent, she can brighten up a social gathering with her presence. The downside is that she is not the most practical of people and doesn't like dealing with mundane day to day matters when something interesting is at hand - and its a good bet that something interesting will always be there.

Personality Traits - Male

The Gemini man is an enigma, constantly shifting goals almost on a whim, who values freedom and hates to be tied to routine. His moods can change like the weather in spring, sometimes being bright and sometimes dark. Generally bright and intelligent the Gemini man is always seeking a challenge and intellectual stimulation.